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Influence of Technology

Influence of Technology

Influence of Technology on Higher Educational Institute'sTeaching Fraternity : Post Covid 19

Technology has influenced almost all sectors. The most recent of them is the education field, which has seen massive transformations. Today, it’s almost like everything is getting done online, including shopping. So, why not have education online too?
The debate on whether online tutoring will or can replace teachers in the future is one that has elicited mixed reactions. In education sector technology can only assist in learning, but cannot control the process entirely. Thus, there will always be need for teachers in classrooms.
One of the most important factor to keep the educator alive in future is that they need to change themselves with the changing demands of the market. And those who will change themselves with change will definitely flourish and will stay in their profession for longer period.  To be relevant they need to undergo Faculty Development Programmes, Short Term Courses in the upcoming areas like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Cognitive Learning, blockchain etc,   and secondly they should be comfortably able to adapt the technological advancements for teaching and learning purpose and hence the teaching pedagogies. To attain expertise in the same they need to learn the learning Management systems for providing effective online teaching and learning, designing and developing Massive Online Open Courses and developing collaborative learning environment to meet the global standards.
Also, teachers will be required to teach practical subjects, wherein they  can be present to help in setting up the equipment needed for learning and to monitor the students as they use these tools/ software. They can also exist to help the students maintain discipline. Teachers have to make an emotional connect with the students to provide them personalized attention and overall grooming.
Artificial Intelligence enabled systems will relieve teachers from some of their responsibilities, such as record keeping and grading thereby allowing them to devote additional time to students and also to provide personalized attention to the student.
I conclude with the statement that to make our students ready and relevant  for the future, University syllabi needs to be upgraded with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cognitive Learning, data analytics, Machine Learning, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Business Models etc to make the students industry ready. To shape the overall personality of the students, teachers as mentors, their project guides and knowledge providers can make the students good human beings, who can contribute to the society in a best possible way.
Prof.(Dr.)Barkha Bahl

Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, GGSIPU, in Dwarka)


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